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Shopping Worlds

The Shopware Shopping Worlds function addresses customers at the emotional level. The primary goal is to increase buying interest and set the shop apart from the competition.

With the Shopware Shopping World Plugin, seven different shopping worlds templates are available. The free templates all contain a clear design with prefabricated picture and text snippets. All images included in the templates are royalty-free and can be used freely.


The Shopware Quickview extension offers customers quick one-click access to the product preview without reloading the entire website.

The Quickview function not only reduces shopping time, but also provides a convenient shopping experience.

Customers can quickly view product details without leaving the catalog navigation. This makes searching through products easier and faster, which boosts sales.

Products can be placed in the shopping cart directly in the Quick View.

Multishop Function

With the Shopware Multishop function, individual webshops running under different domains, subdomains or subdirectories can be managed easily and efficiently with an administrator account.

Responsive Design Out of the Box

Shopware Responsive Design ensures a consistent user experience. The sophisticated web design is so flexible that it is displayed uniformly on every end device (desktop, tablet and smartphone) and thus on different display sizes.

Shop visitors benefit from interactive user-friendliness.

Intelligent search via ElasticSearch

Elasticsearch is a full-text search for online shops that displays matching search results to customers as they type.

With ElasticSearch the search for products can be converted fast and simply. The search function is also available for shops with thousands of articles at breathtaking speed.

Extense ERP system

The abbreviation ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and describes the enterprise resource planning or enterprise resource planning of an enterprise.

Analytical Tools

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Tag Management.

Dynamic pricing (timer, number of units)

Dynamic Pricing helps shop operators to react in real time to changing market price conditions in order to achieve sales targets and increase customer loyalty.

Dynamic pricing is an important tool for optimizing sales. The price can be adjusted to the demand situation. Special prices, volume discounts or early booking discounts can be issued in a targeted manner.

Bonus Point System

The Shopware bonus points system offers online shop operators the opportunity to credit customer bonus points to the order value in order to create an incentive to order again in the online shop.


The ultimate goal of cross-selling is to increase sales within an online shop by offering customers complementary or related products.

Bundle Function

The Shopware Bundle function allows product packages to be put together and offered at a reduced package price.

For example, accessories associated with a main item could be offered at a reduced price.

Subscription Articles

With the Shopware subscription function, customers can subscribe to products or services that generate recurring payments weekly, monthly or annually.

Send individualized newsletters

Personal approach with e-mail marketing.

Onpage SEO Functions

With Shopware each shop page can be adapted to the current Ranking & SEO guidelines.

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Shopware FAQs

How much does the Shopware software cost?

The Shopware licenses vary according to the needs and wishes of the customers. There are three basic licenses. In addition to the basic licenses there are additional costs for installation and configuration. Shopware offers a variety of own templates, which can be used free of charge for your own shop project.

The basic licenses are divided into three variants:

  • Shopware Professional (costs about 1.295 Euro)
  • Shopware Professional Plus (costs about 5.995 Euro)
  • Shopware Enterprise (costs on request)
What does "Business Partner" certification mean?

Shopware Business Partners are service providers trained and certified by shopware AG to implement eCommerce projects. Shopware Business Partners are very familiar with Shopware Shop Software. They have extensive knowledge and in-depth skills in working with the Shopware Shop System. Business partners must prove and certify their knowledge and skills by passing an exam before they can call themselves Shopware Business Partners and use the Shopware Business Partner logo.

Palacios Digital Marketing is Shopware Business Partner.

Does it make sense to update to Shopware 5?

Shopware 5 brings some innovations and advantages. One advantage of Shopware 5 is that the usability on the desktop and on mobile devices has been improved. This should be reflected in higher conversions. The backend has also been improved and the operation simplified in order to achieve more and more meaningful data.

What are the advantages of Shopware plugins and are plugins mandatory?

Shopware plugins are a good way to spice up your shop. However, Shopware plugins offer unique features to individualize a shop and set it apart from the competition. Complex processes can be simplified and automated. However, a mandatory use is not necessary, because the Shopware standard licenses already have basic functions.